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Associate Photographer Carter

So much of what I love about photographing couples comes from experiencing my own love story. With love there comes so many things. Learning, growing, understanding, pain, comfort, imperfection, passion, challenge and the journey that is made up of those pieces. Experiencing them together and finding ways to navigate through it. 

Hearing how you met, your favorite quirks about one another and how your families love them like they are their own. Those are the details I love to hear, because it’s as if you’re sharing sneak peek bloopers from your day to day love story. It’s those breadcrumbs that I craft together to create images that will last you a life time. Serving as your beautiful legacy.
It all started with a dream. A dream that led me to a camera that would capture the memories I could make. Finding a way to save memories not only for myself, but for others too. Someone so intrigued by the stories around her I wanted to experience, learn and savor those moments when I heard someone’s story. 

This passion brought me to a business that I nurtured. That helped me find myself, my voice and unapologetically create! Breaking through and molding new frames that I once felt boxed into. This business pushed me to learn from my successes as well as my failures. Taught me that my passion can provide a space for welcoming, acceptance and genuine love. 

This beautiful journey led me to find a team of women. One that understood the importance in uplifting, empowering and crafting a space! I just couldn’t help but feel drawn to. It felt like having this big dream you know you’re meant for, but I couldn’t quite grasp and I couldn’t figure out why. Until it revealed itself.

Session fee $350

Your session fee incudes
professional hair and make up for (1) person before we being photograhing
access to our client wardrobe with couture gowns, evening gowns, and 100+ other beautiful pieces. Crowns, hats, fur coats etc are all included in our client wardrobe.
3-4 outfit changes are including in your studio session

What to expect

Your entire experience will be planned here at KSP. We want you to feel like luxury here. With champagne, wine, snacks. Laughter, and I will have a great idea of how you and your parter would like to be photographed while we chat before your session even begins. We will pose and guide you through your entire session (normally about 1.5 hours) and then we will head to our large screen TV where you can see your images and choose which ones you would like to have professionally edited and touched up and printed. We offer a variety of ways for your portraits to be printed.
Albums, matted prints, wall art and framing

Ready to get more info?
Feel free to inquire here, we will be in touch within 24-48 hours.

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