Welcome to the Kate Styles Photography team.  

Kate - The owner and CEO of Kate Styles Photography. She had a dream to build an empire to photograph women, and create luxury portrait experiences. Welcome to the KSP goddess lounge! 

Megan - Studio Manager. Have questions? Megan is on top of answering emails, as well as assisting Kate during her own photo sessions. Megan also holds her own portrait sessions in the studio, and loves to be your personal cheerleader

Carter - Our incredible portrait and couples photographer. Carter will no doubt make sure you feel seen, loved and heard, as she creates an incredible unforgettable experience for you in our studio completely built around your love story, and goals.

Luxury Portrait experiences for the Modern woman.

Hey dahling. Meet the team

As a women’s beauty photographer, nothing lights me up like helping women feel beautiful, strong, and empowered. Our studio is truly a space for women to embrace their authentic beauty and unleash their inner goddess. You might walk in feeling anxious. But I promise you’ll walk out radiating the confidence, beauty and strength that’s been inside you all along.

Here’s what I believe: women are freakin’ rockstars. All of ‘em. We run the world, we run our homes, we run our kids back and forth to every activity under the sun. And at the end of the day, we still feel like we haven’t done enough. We judge ourselves, we’re not satisfied with our bodies, and we feel guilty when we do things just for ourselves. I say enough with that. You DESERVE to feel like the absolute queen that you are. And that’s what this experience is all about.


Daily hugs given:


Cups of daily coffee:


Times I yell “yas queen!” per session:

"I've learned that life's too damn short to not take risks."

Fiercely loving & kind

lifting up other women

World changers

Survivors and overcomers

Raising the next generation of strong women

Hard-working boss babes

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the women i photograph are...


“ This was my first boudoir experience … My expectations were not only exceeded but my view of my body changed during the few hours I was there. I left with a greater appreciation for my body and what it can do. I’m thankful for my scars and stretch marks. I felt beautiful with them and wouldn’t change it.

Not only does she create some beautiful work, Kate herself is a beautiful soul. She is so incredibly genuine and has this way of really lifting you up.

Book with Kate now. You won’t regret it for a second!”

"My expectations were not only exceeded but my view of my body changed during the few hours I was there ...""


“When I reached out to Kate to fulfill my boudoir photo shoot DREAMS there was never a single second of disappointment. She actually delivered my entire dream and more!

Kate & her team (hair/makeup artist & assistant) made me feel absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Doing my boudoir shoot was a brand new experience for me but somehow they made me look & feel like a pro.

Such an amazing experience & confidence booster! I can’t wait to come back & do more, for EVERY occasion.”

"Such an amazing experience & confidence booster!"