June 3rd + 4th 2023
OR 2 installments of $500

I want to see you thrive in your business babe. There are so many feelings when it comes to business: lack, scarcity, unknown, fear, and money. I want to tackle those things with you, and share with you what i learned along the way. There are no limits to your journey, only growth. Let's work together to break down the blocks, to build the photography business you always dreamed. 

The Boudoir Workshop

The Boudoir Workshop
summer 2023

2 day workshop for photographers
May 20th + 21st 

+2 days hands on workshop
+2 different models
+Learn my favorite posing tips
+10 best selling poses
+Learn natural and strobe lighting
+Editing workflow
+Lunch provided

Build your photography empire

2 day boudoir workshop

2 day boudoir workshop


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I love helping creatives create a thriving business they love. Attract clients they love, and work through blocks and value to bring endless happiness, and money into your business! I live to help others build the empire of their dreams

Get the clients you always wanted, and create images for them that last a lifetime

Are you tired of working your butt off, only to keep coming up short every month?
Want to finally start making the money your work is really worth?

Calling all creative Boss babes!

Mentoring with Kate brought me clarity, excitement and immediate growth in my business. You don't want to wait to join her. She really will be your biggest cheerleader" - Courtney C.