I invite you to be part of an empowering experience. a Maternity session. Unleash your inner goddess.


Appreciating your body. Your skin. you.

writing a love letter to yourself and having photo documenting proof

valuing that you are a woman worthy and deserving 

 Documenting your body, your achievements now. not 20 pounds from now

celebrating you

 splurge on yourself

be as covered or as naked as you like

Kate specifically specializes in fine art nude boudoir. your skin deserves to be loved

Thinking of doing a Maternity session, but not ready yet? Here are some great reasons why...

1. See yourself in my lens.
You are a beautiful mother, carrying life inside. If yoou are going to remember your body in any way, this is an incredible way. 

2. you are never closer to your baby than now. you are the only one who can love, hold, rub the baby belly. show your body gratitude by pampering yourself and create beautiful, breath taking photos to take home.

3. You want to wear something that makes you look sexy, or elegant but don't have a reason. Now you do. I provide a large client wardrobe with a large variety of sizes for every body shape and curve. we have that special lace up you've always wanted to wear.

4. healing process. Celebrating you and what you’ve been through is an important step in the healing process.

5. You will leave my studio feeling empowered, with a new love and appreciation for your body and who you are. you will feel like you wrote a love letter to yourself.

6. You may be celebrating your bumb after many miscarriages, infertility, ivf process. Its time to celebrate your milestone, your beautiful baby and your next chapter.

7. you are enough.

The best time for maternity portraits is around week 28-36. The belly has a nice round shape during this time frame and the mom-to-be still feels comfortable enough for a portrait session.

My studio provides a beautiful selection of luxury custom designed maternity gowns, form-fitting dresses, and lace robes. Professional hair and makeup is always recommended for your portrait session and is included in the Session Fee, so you can sit back and relax before your maternity session begins. 

Display Your Art:
My Studio offers fine art matted print collections in Italian hand made Portfolio Boxes and framed wall art to best display your beautiful memories.