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10 best boudoir outfits

Hey dahling! I know you’re trying to figure out what poses are going to be the most flattering, and I want to share with you some of the best posing tips on all body shapes! We want to show off the best parts of us, and own our beautiful curves.

I want you to know that boudoir can feel scary, fine art nude boudoir can be even more terrifying! However, when done properly, it can be the most exhilarating moment of your life, and you can leave your session feeling beautiful, over the top gorgeous. Pampered from head to toe, dripping gold from your finger tips. (I highly suggest researching all the photographers in your area and finding one where you LOVE their work, love their message, and ultimately, make sure they are going to make you feel like you are their number one priority!

1. Fine Art Nude

You heard me. The best outfit is NO out fit. Truly, you have beautiful skin — you can totally show it off!
Fine art nudes are my FAVORITE to rock out. It’s not for everyone, but believe me, its one of my favorites

Fine art nude boudoir by Kate Styles Photography

2. White t-shirt boudoir

Another absolute favorite in our studio! We love showing off the curves, with a Calvin Klein kind of twist. We love our 90s jeans look, but in a beautiful bold way.

White t-shirt boudoir by Kate Styles

3. Body suit

Everyone loves a beautiful body suit. Lace, fishnet, mesh. However you’d like it. There are SO many styles, so I suggest finding one that you love!

Rhinestone body suit Kate Styles Photography wardrobe

4. White button down

Another amazing favorite in my studio, the white button down collar shirt. These flatter any body shape or size. I even keep extra large mens white button down in our client wardrobe at the studio.

5. Topless with Jeans

Nothing wrong with rocking out the gorgeous Calvin Klein 90’s look with a little extra skin. We always encourage our clients to bring a pair of jeans to their session because we can do topless, or pair it with a beautiful bra – however they feel most comfortable!

6. White sheet

One of our TOP favorites in our studio. We keep a stack of sheets, ready to roll because they are loved so much. These fit all body shapes. Can be draped in thousands on different ways to either show or hide skin we love, or dont love as much! I could spend an entire session with a white sheet — they are just incredible!

White sheet boudoir Kate Styles Photography

7. Bra and panty set

We encourage our clients to bring their favorite bra and panty set. This way you have something you love. I love lace personally! We love how many different styles, and colors you can get from this! Your boudoir session should show off who you are, all the way down to the way your underwear lays. High waisted, thong, cheeky…so many ways!

Boudoir by Kate Styles Photography

8. Mesh robe/Kaftan

We LOVE our mesh robes, they look amazing in so many ways. They cover, but also show enough that we can see your body line and its worth it all! I love to use this, specifically back lit — because I love to show off the curves!

Boudoir by Kate Styles Photography feat mesh robe

9. Lace robe

Another favorite, the LACE robe. long short, wide sleeves, tight sleeves, this baby can be anything! It looks beautiful on anyone. I love to use these to add more of an elegance feel to our boudoir sessions.

Boudoir by Kate Styles Photography lace robe

10. Fine art nude boudoir

I cannot tell you how BEAUTIFUL it is to have your curves photographed the way they are! Its just beautiful in every single way. Your body, curves, should be painted with beautiful light

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