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Why Do people Do Nude Photography?

Nude photography is controversial. It’s not an easy step, and I highly recommending doing plenty of research on your photographer before hiring them for fine art nude portraits.

I would argue it is a true art form and very different from the stuff you see in “adult films.”  It’s pure bliss to accept your body, not just on a physical level, but also a very emotional level. Nude photography is an art, and is created between you and your photographer. I CANNOT emphasize enough that you should research your photographer thoroughly that they have great, raving reviews, beautiful work that fits the style your working on, and ultimately wants you to love your portraits of yourself.

Here are the top three reasons why people do nude photography, and if you think you may be interested in dipping your toes into this portrait, make sure to check book a consultation with Kate Styles HERE. She can walk you through her important steps process to ensure you are happy, and are able to enjoy your session.

Create and Convey Deep Emotion

Kate Styles Photography fine art nude maternity

Its about loving your body, intimately. Its about emotion, and a deep connection with yourself. When your clothes are finally off, there is a sense of vulnerability that creates incredible soul searching for you. We have hit a new level of love for you thats you haven’t experienced until you’ve booked a session.


Throwing away the idea of modesty, and going against the grain. We are often told what we look like when were naked, but its usually never that we are a work of art. At KSP, I specialize in creating those beautiful, light painting portraits and have every intention of making youo look like a beautiful wall painting. Your body is art, its gorgeous, every curve, scar, stretch mark, its beautifully you. I will artfully pose, and direct as we kick social media in the booty! We will show off what the gorgeous body really looks like, and you can post away, or keep them for yourself.


Our bodies are TEMPLES LADIES! They are beautiful, sculpted, and curvy and deserve their own gorgeous attention. Dont think for one second your body isnt a gorgeous goddess. Have you ever seen the greek sculptures with the sheet draping? Have you ever noticed they are AVERAGE size women, if not, mid to plus size?! ALL the extra curves, beautiful posing…and thats exactly what we focus on!

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