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Client Feature: Meet Renee!

Renee is one of the incredible women that has been featured in our 40 Over 40 campaign. She exudes strength and resilience, facing the unexpected storms of life with courage and grace. In the face of challenges and new seasons of life, her passion fuels her journey, illuminating her path with a fierce and unwavering light. It was such a pleasure getting to know her during time at the studio! For her 40 Over 40 session Renee worked with our owner and Master/Associate Photographer Kate to create unique looks for her photoshoot. These looks were chosen and styled to reflect the impactful journey during a season of change in Renee’s life. It was so amazing seeing her vision come to life during her session!

When asked about her experience at Kate Styles Photography, Renee said this:

“Transformative. That is the word that best describes the last two years of my life. I have experienced the loss of my husband; a year of Indigenous mourning rituals; retired after a 30-year career as Manager of the Crime Analysis Unit for the Richmond Police Department; redecorated my home; started a consulting business and a non-profit business. My name is Renee Richardson and I would like to share how I changed the trajectory of my life by understanding that through adversity, stress, sadness – you need to hit pause, breathe, and realign. I did this and you can too. I decided to put myself first. Sounds selfish but it is really the first step to selflessness. You have put the oxygen mask on yourself before you can save others, right. So never put yourself last.

I realized I need a professional photo shoot, not static pictures. Photos to capture who I am now, the life changes that have occurred. I did not realize this photo shoot would be life changing. Kate made me understand her project was to make women see the beauty within regardless of size, shape, imperfections. During the shoot I felt the rebirth, the transformation, the Warrior that I had become able to survive anything. She captured the essence of my new self. Her photos made me feel beautiful, confident, sexy for the first time in my life. I felt the presence of my husband, my ancestors and was able to channel that into the photos. I see a renewed flame in my eyes. One that says Yes I am flawed, Yes I am aging, and Yes I am beautiful. Now I am on a new journey. One that honors my late husband and our Indigenous culture; honors Women Entrepreneurs; honors Transformation, Rebirth, and Self-care. One not defined by age, loss, or change. A life full of excitement at the dawn of each new day.”

Interested in being a part of the 2024 40 Over 40 campaign? A Photoshoot and Art Exhibition Collaboration, Celebrating Women and Their Stories

Meet the Photographer

Owner & Lead Photographer

Kate Styles

I’m the feisty, loud-mouthed lady shouting “yasss queen!” from behind the lens. I’m a true extrovert, an adventure-loving enneagram 7, and a people person through and through. Spending my days cheering on amazing women and showing them how strong and beautiful they are is a dream come true. I LIVE for those jaw-dropping, “holy crap, that’s me?” moments—the moments when women finally see how stunning and powerful they really are.

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