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Boudoir Photography Richmond, Virginia

What makes any woman WANT to channel their inner self to empower themselves through a boudoir photoshoot?


boudoir at Kate Styles photography studio

I can tell you, for me personally…its a celebration you. A milestone. If I just had a baby, celebrating that I had this new body — which is the hardest I feel to celebrate. Your body can feel foreign. A lot of extra curvy body to take on. Another reason, I was on a nutrition kick and hit a goal. If I was pregnant and celebrating that my body was growing another incredible soul that would change the world….pregnancy was probably my ultimate reason to want to have a fine art nude maternity session.

At the studio, at Kate Styles Photography, we celebrate the body. We celebrate YOU, and your goals.

What have you been working on recently? You deserve to have those memories captured for you babe. You deserve to have some time taken out for you. Stop working so hard to please everyone else. I bet if your friends needed something…you would drop things on a dime to go do something for them. Why are you so hesitant to do it for yourself?

I dont have time = I am not worth taking time out for myself

I dont have the money = I am not worthy of spending money on myself

i dont have XYZ = I am not worth it.

Fine art nude boudoir

I can promise you, a boudoir session makes you walk away feeling like queen of the world. We offer professional hair and make up with our boudoir sessions. A client wardrobe filled with lace robes, bodysuits, fishnets, thigh highs, boots, thongs, bras, mesh dresses…or my personal favorite – fine art nudes!

Your body is a canvas. Think about your skin…its a map of your entire life. The scars, the curves, the less or more curves than you have had in the past. The smile lines, giggles, the curls, eye lashes…all of it. Your beautiful body, its a work of art. Lets paint it with light friend.

boudoir at Kate Styles photography studio

boudoir with rhinestone body suit

  1. Shauna Mawn says:

    I am interested in learning more about your pricing and packaging for boudoir shoot!

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