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When should I take boudoir photos?

When should you get a boudoir shoot? Now is absolutely my favorite answer. Because you will never be any more beautiful than now, never more ready, and truly giving yourself the biggest and best hug when you just commit to the now! You are perfect now, you dont need to weigh less or more. You don’t need to have any alterations, or get your race or book completed. Now is the perfect time, but if you need another excuse to book your boudoir session, I have plenty of reasons! 

A lot of women like to take boudoir photos for themselves. I mean you are the star of our entire shoot after all. You are a celebrity in our studio, and your photoshoot is the number one priority to us. Fresh water, snacks, and a lot of excitement. Our make up artists are first up to help you feel as glam, glow, or as natural as you’d like for your boudoir photo shoot. This is something you have total control over for your session. After all, the whole entire photo shoot is about you babe! Even if you’re giving these beautiful portraits as a gift to someone else, these portraits are 99.9 percent about you!

Another beautiful reason to get a boudoir session is as a wedding gift. Many of my clients come in preparing to take beautiful images as a wedding gift, we call them bridal boudoir portraits. We incorporate a lot more lace, soft, white looks for you to embrace the beautiful bride you are – and give your partner a little something extra fun too! There are many options as well for your boudoir gift, or how you want them displayed, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Boudoir portrait by Kate Styles Photography

When you are in front of the camera, I promise we do everything to ensure this feels like the most luxury experience. From the beginning with professional expertise of your hair and makeup artist, to the guided photo session itself. I will guide you in posing from head to toe to ensure you feel absolutely beautiful and comfortable. After all, I can take off 20 pounds just by posing. So next time you say “I just need to lose 20lbs” it’s already taken care of in my studio. And we haven’t even gotten to the editing yet. My goal is to help you feel so comfortable, that you will forget that you are half naked babe! 

Maybe you’ve just hit some incredible health goals in your life, or you’re celebrating a milestone of achievements! Now is the PERFECT time to celebrate you, and who you are! Being healthy is a huge one I hear a lot in my studio. Maybe my client is celebrating their body with boudoir because they want to show off their new body shape, size, and fitness. This is such a great reason to celebrate your body with a boudoir shoot. You are by far the most incredible piece of art out there babe! A lot of my clients come in to celebrate their birthdays, new jobs, or celebrating because why the heck not! 

Fine art nude boudoir by Kate Styles Photography

Maternity is probably my favorite reason to get a boudoir session. Maternity boudoir is by far my favorite to photograph. You get the incredible amazing feeling of being so close to your baby, and your curves look lucious and should be appreciated and loved! Many women have a hard time loving their pregnant bodies,and my goal is to make you feel the most beautiful you ever have during this time period in your life. Fine art nude boudoir is also a personal favorite, and when paired with maternity boudoir…wow. Truly it’s what sets my heart on fire is watching a beautiful pregnant mama glow in her own skin. 

These make a great gift to yourself, and to give away. Its entirely up to you! We give you options of a luxury Italian fine art album, or 8×10 matted prints in a beautiful folio box to show off your beautiful portraits. We know everyone loves digital images, but we really encourage our clients to print their work. Prints live forever. You deserve to exist in portraits. I hope when I am old, 90, and my body doesnt look anything like this, I can look back and realize the beautiful woman I was, and that I will feel like in my portraits. I want to show them off to my children and grandchildren. Your body’s a beautiful gift and deserves to exist in portraits. Do yourself a favor and just do it! These make such a great gift for you, and someone else. There is never a better time than now babe.

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